Point-Counterpoint: Daylight Saving Time 

Daylight Saving Time 

We live on the border between Indiana and Illinois, and according to the sun, we are in the central time zone.  This map Time Zones, USA  shows how our time zones in the United States are divided up.  Because the government and corporations want to be in sync with New York, we have to abide by Eastern Time Zone.

Where I live after the time change in the fall, we drive to work and school in the dark.  We drive home in the dark. When it is summer we have daylight into the night, it’s after 10 pm before the sun goes down.  We used to be able to catch lightening bugs (Indiana’s state bug), running around in our PJ’s and jumping to catch them, just beyond our reach.  The children now are in bed asleep before the lightening bugs come out to play.  It’s a shame.

Children are getting on school buses in the dark.  Five children have died recently just trying to get to school on what should have been just an average day.  Now they are gone, their mark on life never to be fulfilled.  I think of them waving to their Mom and Dad as they head out for the day, no one knowing it was going to be the last time they would see each other.

Can we keep our children in as much light as possible as they go on their way?  It is not worth one life for the sake of “business”, “convenience”, and money. Lives are irreplaceable and priceless. It’s such a little thing to make sure there is light for them as much as possible.

Our bodies are very special, they take care of us, and we take care of our bodies by awareness of what we all need physically.  Consistent daylight in sync with the sun as much as possible would be beneficial to us all.

Call your representatives; ask them to sponsor a bill to get time zones back to what is normal.


Point-Counterpoint: Daylight Saving Time 

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