The Lightening Bug is Indiana State Bug!

Indiana’s state bug

Indiana has a new state insect, the Say’s firefly. By a 93-3 vote, the state insect bill was approved and Governor Eric Holcomb signed it into law.

“I know this bill bugged some of my legislative friends, but the truth is it’s a big deal to young students around the state who have reached out to us in support – particularly students from Cumberland Elementary School in West Lafayette,” the governor said. “They’ve shown incredible perseverance and have advocated for the Say’s Firefly to be the official state insect for several years.

“Beyond the satisfaction these kids will feel when they look out on a hot Indiana summer night and see the state insect flashing away, the real beauty of this bill is the civic engagement it inspired in our youngest citizens.”

Indiana was one of only four states without a state insect – leaving Iowa, Michigan and Rhode Island now on the outside.

The students argued the lightning bug best represents Indiana because of its agricultural benefits and place in American history. The Say’s firefly was named by naturalist Thomas Say of southwestern Indiana’s Posey County in the 1800s.

Happy Herbing!