Yellow Dock Ear Mites in animals Treatment

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use this ear mite treatment made with Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus) an astringent herb, to kill your pet’s annoying pests.  Ear mites invade pets ears and cause them to scratch incessantly.  One way to prevent ear mites from invading pats ears and causing them to scratch incessantly, is to thoroughly shampoo your pets head, ears and tail at least once a week.

3 drops yellow dock tincture

1 Tbs. distilled or filtered water

Dilute yellow dock into the water

Instill 1/2 of a dropper in the ear canal and massage gently.  Let the animal shake it’s head then blot the ear opening with cotton swabs (don’t put into ear canal) Repeat the treatment once every three days for as long as 3 weeks.

Happy Herbing!