Gift Basket Ideas

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Here are a few ideas for gifts for your special people


Movie Party: Fill an empty cardboard popcorn bucket with packaged microwave

popcorn, movie candy, liter of soda, a gift certificate for a local movie

rental, attach Styrofoam “popcorn” to metal wire and insert into the bucket

for decoration.


Decorating Cookies Basket – this is especially good for the Christmas season,

Fill a Mixing Bowl with an Oven Mitt, a package of Sugar Cookie Mix, some

bottles of sprinkles in fun colors, some tubes of colored frosting place on a

cookie sheet and insert a rolling pin.


Pizza Pronto – On a pizza stone place a bowl or basket lined with red and

white checkered dish towel, fill with prepackaged pizza dough mix or Boboli

shells, packaged pizza sauce, a jar of Parmesan cheese and tuck in a pizza



Smore’s Basket – Fill a bowl with a box of Graham Crackers, a bag of Large

Marshmallows, a huge bar of Hershey’s chocolate or several regular size bars,

find a few large clean branches and stick in the bowl or place skewers for

the marshmallows. Add a few flashlights for decoration.


Gone Fishing – Fill a tackle box with bait, hooks, fishing wire etc.


Gone Fishing for kids – fill an empty box with gummy worms, gold fish

crackers, play fishing pole and fish, gummy fish and playing cards.


Happy Herbing!