Corona Virus

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Here is David Christopher, M.H. take on the Corona Virus.  I think this is good advise. 

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February 5, 2020

Chicken Little and the Corona Virus David Christopher, M.H.

I have received a few concerned calls about the newest world health epidemic, the coronavirus. This follows a pattern. It happened after SARS, Ebola, Zika, and whatever new scare is revealed by an over-reactive press. The press and entertainment industry sensationalize these events and terrorize the public. I liken them to Henny Penny, the Chicken Little character, that whipped everyone into doomsday hysteria that, “The sky was falling!”

I assure my callers that the sky is not falling and point out that there are over seven and a half billion people on the face of the earth and your chances of getting this newly emerging virus are one in more than a billion.  Your chances, of course, increase if you travel to areas where the virus is present. Even in those areas, however, your chances of getting the virus are slim.

You decrease your odds of getting any virus or bacteria if you frequently wash your hands in soap and water. Soap makes the surface slippery and the viruses slide right off.  Wipes may not remove the viruses and certainly cannot kill them.

Technically viruses are not alive but are a bundle of genetic materials that cannot reproduce on their own, instead they mechanically inject into your cells and then reproduce by commandeering your reproductive abilities.

One virus can enter one of your cells and replicate into a million viruses. When the cell dies the viruses are released and can enter a million of your cells. This proliferation can occur because your immune system doesn’t attack its’ own cells. However, the more important fact to know is that all cells are nourished and all cells need to eliminate. When an infected cell eliminates, genetic traces of the invader are released and your own macrophages envelop this genetic material and present it to a T-helper cell which promotes the creation of specific T-Killer cells that inject toxins into the infected cell that destroy the invading virus. In essence, only your immune system can save you from viruses.

It is essential to have a healthy and active immune system. Healthy Immune cells rely on the same nutrients that your other cells require. So, throw away your Twinkies and Coca Cola (i.e. all junk food) and eat fresh raw produce to protect yourself from all viruses.

Specific nutrients required for viral protection include Vitamin D (obtained free from the Sun), Vitamin A (plentiful especially in carrots as carotenes which are converted to Vitamin A in the liver) Vitamin C (highest in bell peppers and abundant in fresh produce) and Iodine (stored safely, and easily released in kelp)

Echinacea is the king of the herbs for activating your immune system, specifically the Macrophages. Elderberries have been studied and are a definite preventative for all communicable diseases.

In another newsletter, we will discuss what to do if the viruses invade. In the meantime, may I suggest Dr. Christopher’s excellent Herbal Home Health Care book.

It is easy to not stress out and succumb to the Chicken Littles of the world when you have the knowledge that comes from truths taught at The School of Natural Healing.

David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.
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Flu Fighter Juice

6 medium carrots juiced
1 red bell pepper juiced
2 square inch piece of ginger root juiced
9 stalks of green onions juiced
¼ tsp. kelp powdered

Using a juicer, send each of the washed and cut pieces of vegetables through. In a blender add the juice and ¼ tsp. kelp to blend it thoroughly into the juice.
It’s a zippy and delicious carrot juice with a nice aftertaste. Enjoy!

Recipe by Kelly Pomeroy
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