It’s Christmas Day! 2019

Merry Christmas.  Missing some of my loved ones this day, but determined to enjoy every Christmas and honor them by remembering and following traditions, and pulling out those crazy moose socks that last longer than my best friend Terry, Merry Chrismoose girlfriend.

The ham is cooked, sure didn’t buy a smithfield China ham, we went with a sugardale, it is from a family farm in Ohio.  In business since 1920.  I want to support our local farmers. Kids want both Macaroni and Cheese and Scalloped potatoes.  No problem, left overs are a treat for Mom’s.

I made homemade pumpkin and persimmon bread for gifts.  A slice of that and a cup of tea is a Indiana treat. We visited some friends yesterday, I think that is a special thing. We get so busy.

We took our “kids” Goldee and Sammy with us.  Here’s a video of Goldee and her babies, 5 years ago.

Well I wanted to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas


Happy Herbing!