Here I am!

I’ve been offline for awhile now, but feeling much better and after a productive summer in the garden, I’m ready to blog again.  Not that I have everything done mind you, my table is still covered with herbs that are dried and need processed.  I also have 5 buckets of seeds waiting to be rinsed and dried.

Did someone say Thanksgiving is this week!  Oh my, how time flys.  I better put it in double time.

Hope you all have a great week.

Have you heard of Wabi-sabi?  It’s the art of appreciating things that are incomplete and imperfect.  Sizes up my place perfectly.  My home is my sanctuary, and I’m working to unclutter it, but I think I need to be three people, I can never get it all done.  And I hate to clean on top of it all.  Maybe I can work on it tho, by getting rid of at least 27 things a day.  It’s amazing the things we accumulate, especially since I’m an avid Yard Saler!

All for now.  I hope to be posting more herbal recipes for the holidays this week.

Happy Herbing!